Products and Services


Southwest Cyberport offers a wide selection of options when colocating a server with us. Pricing is based on space used in a rack in industry standard U measurements. All servers are located in a locked, underground facility that is monitored by web cam and only accessible with an escort, after logging in, producing identification and being vetted against the authorized access list for your servers. Servers reside on a multi-homed network, with UPS for power requirements. The UPS is backed up with a generator. Our generator has fuel for 24 to 36 hours, and can be refueled while running. This generator is tested weekly to insure it’s in top condition. Servers may reside in open or locked racks.

Managed Services

SWCP has run their ISP services on Unix, Linux, and BSD servers for over 18 years and can provide system administration and network configuration services for your colocated servers, or your home network. We can provide anything from completely specifying, building and installing your servers to complete hands off and anything in between. Many of our customers have us help them spec and build the next generation of their servers when their current servers have become slow and old. We can help with software installation, patching, and other maintenance when needed.

Disaster Recovery

No-one likes to think about fires, floods, earthquakes, theft, or employee sabotage but it can happen. We can help you plan for your recovery. SWCP has several backup schemes that are available to your colocated servers and your in office network machines. The SWCP Backup Service stores encrypted data locally at our central site and offsite at a replication server several miles away. You can have a colocated machine at SWCP’s facility to provide primary or backup cabability. We can provide backup wireless circuits in case your primary internet connectivity is lost.